Surface Repair

Dubai, UAE

Price: Starting from 200 AED

  • Diagnosis Time: 45 Minutes
  • Free Pickup & Delivery Service

Business Hours

  • Saturday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday: No, Our techies are taking a day off.!!

Where to i can do the fast repair of Microsoft Surface in Dubai?

The tablets have become an integrated part of every individual. It helps an individual in life. The premium tablets like Microsoft surface repair provide freedom to the individual to complete their work from any place. The flexibility and freedom that comes with them are irreplaceable. No matter where you are, you complete your assigned task with the help of these tablets. While they make things easier to accomplish, the array of issues that come with them can be an actual headache. Many Microsoft users have complained about problems faced by them while working on the surface.

These issues which occur are system faults or software problems, and as they are not in control of the individual, and no one can repair them on their own. Fortunately, iQuickFixRepair is just around the corner to aid you to get rid of these issues without compromising with your productivity. At iQuickFixRepair, we have a team of highly dedicated technical professionals who have years of experience in analysing, diagnosing and implementing effective solutions for the same. Consult with us to learn more!

Common Problem Faced by Microsoft Surface Tablet Owners

Here are some of the common problems faced the owners of the Microsoft Surface tablets:

  •  Slow Speed
  •  Touch Not Responding
  •  Screen Not Rotating
  •  Keyboard Not Working
  •  Windows Hello not working
  •  Audio not working
  •  Screen Flickering
  •  Battery Draining Faster
  •  Constant Crashing of the Driver

Repairing Process At iQuickFixRepair

Before taking the tablet for a tablet, the service professional of iQuickFixRepair provides customers with a form in which customers are required to fill in the details about the problem they had encountered on their device and also about the physical state of the device while giving the device for repair. Customers are also requested to provide their contact number and address for further information. 

Once done, our technical professionals take the matter in their own hands, they thoroughly examine the condition of the device and its problem, and then give a quick call to the customers to inform them about the problem and approximate charges for repairing it.

After the customer agrees to continue with the repairing Process, our technical experts will check the required spare parts and use the best of all to repair the device. Then we will replace the faulty part, repair, it, or disassemble it from the device. After this, we will thoroughly recheck the device to see if it is working efficiently after the repair. When they are fully satisfied that there is no issue with the repair then only, they forward the device for delivery. At the time of delivery, the customer can check the device and then will pay for the repairing charges. Furthermore, if the customers are unable to visit our iQuickFixRepair service centre, we can also send them their device through courier to their address.

Why Customers Should Choose iQuickFixRepair

Customers can trust our services as at iQuickFixRepair we have work experience of several years and consist of technical experts who offer the best services to clients. Moreover, we have a set of an impressive warehouse full of spare parts and equipment which will help us to quickly repair the device without wasting time to search for the spare parts. On top of this, we do not charge our customers a hefty amount; our prices for repairing devices are nominal. Similarly, we do not charge any advance from the customers; they have to pay at the time of taking delivery.

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Centre.

*Price my different with different models, please talk to our agent before place an order.

** we use only Genuine or OEM Parts
** Diagnosis needs to complete to give you the final price