Macbook Repair

Dubai, UAE

Price: Starting from 150 AED

  • Diagnosis Time: 45 Minutes
  • Repair Time: 1-2 Days

Business Hours

  • Saturday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday: No, Our techies are taking a day off.!!

The MacBook is an essential part of the life of every individual. Be it a corporate employee or a business everyone needs the MacBook every place they travel. 

But due to the negligence of an individual or due to any technical failure, the MacBook’s can get damaged. The damage to the MacBook may not be in the physical sense, but there might be damage or technical problems in the software, or hardware system and as we all know the MacBook are very delicate and any slight drop or heavy usage can affect the work of an individual. But you don’t need to worry as iQuickFixRepair is just around the corner to help you. 

We can quickly fix the problem an individual is facing with their MacBook. As an experienced repair company, we have a highly-skilled technical team who will assist the customers in solving all their problems. They have years of experience in performing the diagnostics and repair of MacBook for many years. Thus, one can easily trust our services and without any second thoughts, give their macbook to us for repair.

Common Problems Users Face with MacBook

Based on our several years’ experience, the most common defects that can be faced by the MacBook owner are:

  •  Problem with Ram
  •  Bad Input and Output Board
  •  Faulty Power Adapter
  •  Faulty Logic Board
  •  Dead Battery
  •  Dead Screen
  •  Thermal Sensor Issue
  •  Faulty Hard Drive
  •  Problem with Bluetooth
  •  Not Enough Ram

Repairing Process at Our iQuickFixRepair Service Center

At iQuickFixRepair service centre, our customer support agent will provide a form to the customers and ask them to fill it. The form is the contract between iQuickFixRepair and customers to provide them with efficient service. In the form, one has to fill in all the details about the external condition of their MacBook, describe their defect and information about them like their contact number and address. After thoroughly diagnosing the MacBook, our service manager will contact the customers to tell them about the issues with their MacBook and the estimation for repairing the MacBook. 

Consequently, when the service experts complete the repairing process of the MacBook, customers will get an SMS in their mobile number from us that their device is ready to be ready and the amount one has to pay. Similarly, at iQuickFixRepair, we will provide the customers with excellent service and repair their MacBook as quickly as possible. When the customers visit our service centre, they can check the MacBook thoroughly, and if they are satisfied with the service, only then they will pay us. 

The most vital policy for which our service for MacBook repairing is most demanding is that we don’t charge the customers any advance when they give their MacBook to us for repair. And we also provide our customers with a 1-year warranty which provides them with an ease of mind.

Why customers choose iQuickFixRepair?

Repairing process at our repair service. Firstly, we need the device at our service center so that we can diagnose the device. Once the diagnosis is done, our technician will give you a call back and let you know the diagnostic report with a quotation. Once you have approved the quotation then we will proceed with fixing your device. If you do not agree with our quotation we will simply return your device with the same condition. Once the repair is done, you can visit our store and check the device physically and if you are satisfied with our work we will hand over the device to you and after that, you need to pay.

  • Free Pick-Up & Drop.
  • Free Diagnosis.
  • Urgent diagnosis if you are in a hurry.
  • We always do our best for repairing devices.
  • Most of the tasks are completed within 2 hrs.

*Price may different with different models, please talk to our agent before place an order.

** we use only Genuine parts
** Diagnosis needs to complete to give you the final price