Data Recovery

Dubai, UAE

Price: Starting from 200 AED

  • Diagnosis Time: 45 Minutes
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  • Friday: No, Our techies are taking a day off.!!

We exist in a world where our data has become our most prized possession. Our data may comprise of games, photo collections, study materials, business archives, etc. but the main point being we need it safe all the time. Usually, all of us do have backups, but sometimes we do end up losing some of the data due to some software or hardware malfunctioning. What do you do when you’re stuck in such a conundrum? Well, iQuickFixRepair is your one-stop solution to all your data recovery problems. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are trained in efficiently recovering your data without damaging or corrupting it.

We have the resources to recover your data from various sources like:

Recovering data from Hard Drive

Since it’s the most commonly used data storage device sometimes problems and data loss is bound to occur. We are capable of recouping lost information from hard drives.

 Recovering data from a USB or Memory Card

Another popular method of storage is memory cards and USBs. If you ever lose your data from these devices which happens too often, you needn’t worry as we at iQuickFixRepair will get your data back in no time!

  • Laptop HDD Recovery

As laptops are used more frequently than desktops, they’re at a higher risk of damage. Therefore, it is more likely that you’ll lose your data from your laptop. But you don’t need to worry as our professionals will help you through the process of data recovery.

  • Desktop HDD Recovery

If you ever lose data due to malfunctioning of the HDD of your laptop then just go to iQuickFixRepair. Here, we have experts who can help you recover the lost data from your laptop in a short period of time.

  • SSD Recovery

They’re more reliable than HDDs, but this makes them more complicated for data recovery. Our team of specialists will get your data back in a record amount of time.

  • RAID Recovery

We have IT professionals who are very much capable of recovering your data from any type of a RAID massive.

  • SCSI & SAS Recovery

With SCSI and SAS, you can use various storage devices on your computer. But if any of those fail and you lose your data just come to us at iQuickFixRepair, and we’ve got you covered.

We are a leading company in data recovery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE, and we’ve been at the top for almost a decade. Our company is very much trustworthy, and you can put your complete faith in us, and we’ll get your data back to you in almost no time! After all, we’re the best for data recovery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. 

Why customers choose iQuickFixRepair?

Repairing process at our repair service. Firstly, we need the device at our service center so that we can diagnose the device. Once the diagnosis is done, our technician will give you a call back and let you know the diagnostic report with a quotation. Once you have approved the quotation then we will proceed with fixing your device. If you do not agree with our quotation we will simply return your device with the same condition. Once the repair is done, you can visit our store and check the device physically and if you are satisfied with our work we will hand over the device to you and after that, you need to pay.

  • Free Pick-Up & Drop.
  • Free Diagnosis.
  • Urgent diagnosis if you are in a hurry.
  • We always do our best for repairing devices.
  • Most of the tasks are completed within 2 hrs.

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Centre.